воскресенье, 22 ноября 2020 г.

Two ways to style cheetah print midi skirt in cold weather

   Hi guys! I love to experiment and try new clothes combinations. I don't buy a thing if I can't wear it in differenet ways. So here are my two looks with cheetah print skirt for cold days. The first one is sporty. I wear a camel oversize hoodie to match the color of skirt. Accessories are relaxed and sporty too. Black backpack and cap add contrast and play with black in print of the skirt.
   The second outfit is in similar color range but has another style. It is more fancy and difficult. I wear white sweater with huge sleeves and camel coat to add more layers and dimension. By the way I knitted this sweater by myself and it's perfect for cold autumn and winter. A small bag looks even smaller with this sweater and has some girly charm.
   Which one do you like more and why? Let me know in comments below!