четверг, 28 сентября 2017 г.

Styling my striped culottes

Hi guys! Do you see it? Yes, it is culottes. I bought them year ago and finally took photos to show you. I wanted blushed pants and was confused by striped ones. But now I love this print sooo much and I really happy to have stripes in my wardrobe. Culottes is the best invention of mankind hahah. They are super comfy and I receive many complements. I like how print on culottes match shoes.

суббота, 23 сентября 2017 г.

My fall wishlist from zaful

Hi guys! It's time to share with you my fall wishlist. I've made it with Zaful - online store with the trendiest clothing. Check it, you find something you like, I promise. (Click the pictures to get more details)
And the first is plunging neckline dress. I would wear it with a leather jacket, it is a great combination. Some girls, which have small breasts (like me), think "such neckline is not for me". But I know how to solve this problem. Wear massive necklace, it will hide open part of your body.
The next is the sweater. Sweater weather, you know. It's such a cool thing! I like the ragged edges and color though you can choose another one.
If you are bored of classic leather jacket look at this! I sure you are in love already.
I don't even know what is more important in fall sweaters or sweatshots, so I include this one. It's loose and it reminds me of yellow leaves.
The skirt. Leather and tight. It looks like you are going to ride your chopper! I think it's super cool!
Tell me which one is your favorite one?

понедельник, 18 сентября 2017 г.

Raglan sleeve and black denim skirt

Skirt - H&M
Backpack - Shein (similar 1 and similar 2
Brooch - DIY

Hi guys! How was your weekend? My was nice because of my city's 875th anniversary, we had a great time walking and dancing. 
Here is my outfit inspired by back to school season. I think I look like a bad girl in the outfit like this hahah. As if I escaped from school and wandered around the city in search of adventure. 

вторник, 12 сентября 2017 г.

How to rock the school: outfit ideas for school and college

Я не могла обойти стороной тематику нарядов на учебу вот только что-то припозднилась. Тем более, что вы можете получить скидку на одном из моих любимых сайтов. Ниже представлена моя подборка одежды, все картинки кликабельны.
Начну, пожалуй, с рубашек - их на сайте огромное множество. Клетка, полоска, воланы, вышивка, открытые плечи, все что только душа пожелает.

I could not tell you about school outfits especially you can get a discount. Here are my picks for school, click the picture to get more details.
I'll start with shirts, there are a lot of them on the website. Gingham, stripes, embroidery, open shoulders, just everything you like.

пятница, 8 сентября 2017 г.

5 tips how to buy clothes at second hand

Привет всем! Сегодняшний пост будет немного необычным: все дело в том, что мой наряд - это вещи, у которых уже был другой владелец, ну или почти. Начну с рубашки, ее я забрала у мамы, т.к. она ей стала маловата. Ну что ж хорошей вещи пропадать, правда же? Кстати, такая же ситуация была с рубашкой из этого поста